Steel Bite Pro – Oral Health Supplement

What is Steel Bite Pro?

Steel Bite Pro is the first-ever 100% organic product manufactured to rejuvenate overall oral health. It strengthens gums and teeth enamel, kills bacteria, and cleanses the mouth from harmful toxic elements. The formula is based on 21 natural ingredients that are holistically blended to perform the 6 step teeth transformation process. If you’ve tried tons of blueprints, sensitivity toothpastes, dental creams, gum powders, medicines, and nothing has worked for you yet, it’s high time you explore the attributes of this legit product and decide if you’d like to strengthen your oral health today!

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Steel Bite Pro Ingredients:

Steel Bite Pro has 100% natural ingredients extracted from plants. It does not contain any glutenous item or additive that’s either created from animal derivatives or manufactured in a laboratory.


Berberine is a potent antioxidant and botanical anti-inflammatory agent that has proven to combat harmful microbes including viruses, fungi, parasites and bacteria.


The antimicrobial effects of turmeric remove plaque and bacteria even more efficiently than an expensive mouthwash. Plus, it aids digestion and fights bad breath. It is also known to provide extra support to gum and tooth crowns when gums lines start receding.

Milk thistle:

Dental fillings can cause metal toxicity which is fought off by milk thistle because of its prowess to treat liver damage. It also fights against harmful effects caused by consumption or exposure to mercury, cadmium, arsenic and lead.

Artichoke, Chanca Piedra and Red Raspberry:

The blend of these three ingredients is a lush source of vitamins C and K, folate, magnesium, and phosphorus. These act as purifying agents critical in fighting off mouth infections.


It is known to increase fibroblasts that play an active role in regenerating connective tissue and support your body to recover from injuries.


The beetroot is converted into nitric oxide, which boosts saliva’s healing properties and reduces the growth of acid-producing bacteria in plaque.


A source of minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium.


Strengthens teeth and reduces sensitivity.

Jujube seeds:

These divine beans are a luxuriant source of vitamin C.


Zinc not only fights against bacteria and plaque but is also needed for your sense of taste and smell.

Chicory root, celery seed, Burdock Root and Yellow Dock:

This powerful blend plays a pivotal role in reducing inflammation and promotes mineral absorption for strong-as-nails teeth.

Grape seed extract:

Holds off the growth of common bacteria that would otherwise take root froom food debris.


It aids digestion, maintains pH balance, reduces inflammation and cures gum swelling.


It acts a natural pain killer that does not fatigue your gums and internal dental muscles.

Methionine and L Cystine:

These amino acids have been added to enhance the detoxification process. L Cystine is an important building block that helps gums hold tooth crowns tightly.

How does Steel Bite Really Work?

Steel Bite Pro has a six-step process, and each step is complemented by specific ingredients.

It clears plaque.

In this first step, it cleans the teeth enamel, brushes off any tartar or plaque: a milky layer that coats the teeth. The same layer makes your teeth look yellow and is the root cause behind major dental problems.

It locates and destroys bacteria.

Secondly, it locates bacteria and food waste particles on the teeth enamel. This bacteria is also often found within teeth crowns, over the tongue, and in between adjacent teeth walls. Once these bacteria are located, it is easier to kill them and prevent bleeding. Artichoke and red raspberry target bad breath while Chanca fights inflammation.

It strengthens loose gums.

Steel Bite Pro prevents bleeding and navigates areas with accumulated pus cells. Once pus and other toxic free radicals are clear, it heals the wounds, reduces inflammation, and tightens teeth roots.

It fixes teeth crowns.

Multivitamins and minerals are essential for overall physical and mental health – especially Vitamin C which is known to reduce inflammation and swelling. Steel Bite Pro employs a blend of these nutrients to fill up cracked tooth enamels to provide them strength and longevity.

It normalizes the pH balance of the gut.

Inflammation is no. 1 cause behind major physical disorders, which then give birth to formation of pus cells within trouble areas on the body including gums. When pH levels of the body are maintained, there are lesser acidic or basic radicals in the body.

It creates a protective shield against bacteria.

Tooth starts decaying when the enamel gets damaged, either by minor injury or with food debris. In the sixth step, Steel Bite Pro caps the overall process and creates a protective layer that supports dental health.

Steel Bite Pro Benefits

Steel Bite Pro is an excellent dental product which not only prevents tooth decay in the long run, but also reduces the chances of major dental emergencies and problems like periodontal disease. It strengthens dental well-being, fixes gut health, kills bacteria, and eliminates bad breath.

Ingredients used in this formula are scientifically proven to fix gum lines, strengthen teeth crowns and repair decaying tooth enamels. With regular use of this product, users may expect to witness results within 25 – 35 days.

It is a known fact that our digestive systems dramatically impact oral health. If an individual has poor digestion or disorders like constipation, there are high chances of him developing thick layers of plaque and tartar over tooth enamel and tongue.

Plus, food debris gives birth to harmful bacteria which has two major avenues to rest in the body: first is your mouth and other is your belly. With ingredients like turmeric and ginger, Steel Bite Pro fixes the root cause of dental problems that are often caused by poor digestive health.

Steel Bite Pro Side Effects

There are no side effects of Steel Bite Pro, or at least none has been reported yet. Because the formula is based on chemical free ingredients that are extracted from wild plants, there are low chances of developing even slightest of reactions like headaches or nausea. Steel Bite Pro is NOT a substitute to any medicine or medical procedure.

Steel Bite Pro Dosage

Optimal dosage for Steel Bite Pro is 2 pills a day. However, you may have to consume a varied dosage depending on your doctor or dentists’ advice. It is also advisable to take 2 pills in the first month and as results seem apparent and obvious, reduce the dose to 1 pill a day. The product is 100% natural though, it is recommended that pregnant, lactating women and patients of acute or chronic disorders seek medical advice before consuming the product.

Is Steel Bite Pro Legit?

Steel Bite Pro is a legit product for two facts: firstly it has a magical blend of 21 ingredients that are particularly selected to target gum, teeth and gut health. And it’s not just a blend put up after some hours of internet surfing; this formula is a result of sheer determination and years of scientific research. Secondly, any user who buys Steel Pro from the official website is fully covered for 60 days – either go 100% healthy or return the empty bottles with no-questions-asked!

Where to Buy Steel Bite Pro?

Steel Bite Pro is available from the official website. Each bottle costs $69. However, the company currently has bulk packages and if you plan on buying the premium program, the price is only $49 per bottle.

Sourced with over 21 top ingredients, Steel bite doesn’t just repair teeth and gums but offers a lot more. It comes up as a promising solution to over 50 major dental disorders. Backed up by nature and scientific evidence, there are high chances you would end up loving the product and order another set.

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